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Updated - Sunday 27th October 2019


Depths of Darkness, is an anthology of psychological horror which has been created by members of the Indie Author Support and Discussion group. I've never been keen on reading or writing the genre but felt I owed it to myself to try my hand. My two stories in the collection are Pain Relief, and Hell Fire. The 14 tales would suit readers who are not fans of vampires, werewolves and zombies because none of those make an appearance.  


Light at The End, is my first attempt at post-apocalyptic survival and has now been completed to the second draft. At 66k words I'm happy that without effort it has reached a reasonable length. As with most of my work I've used a diary style for the time scale which appeals to many readers.

The story has gone out to two readers to find out if the plot and general world-building work. For anybody who'd like a glimpse of this new novel, the first five chapters are available on my blog under the WIP on the menu.

As always, all comments and suggestions are welcomed. Go to, Tom Benson - Creative: Work in Progress.


Around the Bend: and other stories. will be my next offering of short stories. The title story is completed and I have nine other stories at various stages of completion. As usual I will continue writing new tales until I have the best mix of twelve. Again, I'll add three bonus stories to give a taste of my other anthologies.


All my eBook titles have Amazon-preview/buy option buttons.  Alternative universal links available via BookLinker.  




- Czech Mate is a standalone thriller, not surprisingly mainly set in the UK and the Czech Republic - due 2020.

- Light at the End is my first attempt at a post-apocalyptic survival novel - due 2020.

- Around the Bend: and other stories will be my next anthology of mixed-genre tales. No planned release date.


Away from this, my official author website, I have maintained a writing blog at Tom Benson - Creative.

To support a genre which can be divisive in its subject matter I now have a second blog at Tom Benson - Erotica.  

I continue with my beta reading, and as an admin for the Indie Author Support and Discussion group.

My blogs always have my updated Work in Progress (Projects).


In an experiment, during this past year I've produced erotica titles under the pseudonym Katya Cumming and I'm delighted to report that without any publicity or ad campaigns 'Katya's' books have been selling regularly. The stories are novel length and were written over the past two years, but published in quick succession this year.


Thank you for visiting my author website.