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Updated - Sunday 12th January 2020


Light at The End, is my first attempt at post-apocalyptic survival and is now available. As with most of my work I've used a diary style for the time scale which appeals to many readers. The tale is set in the Scottish Highlands in 2065 AD. What could happen if world leaders get it so badly wrong that they all pressed the button?


Other Projects


- Around the Bend: and other stories. will be my next offering of short stories. The title story is completed and I have ten other stories at various stages of completion. As usual I will continue writing new tales until I have the best mix of twelve. Again, I'll add three bonus stories to give a taste of my other anthologies.


- Czech Mate is a standalone thriller, not surprisingly mainly set in the UK and the Czech Republic - due 2020.


- Codename: Foxglove is a sequel to Codename: Nightshade so once again Rachel Donoghue (Nightshade) is in action, but now alongside Dominique McEwan (Foxglove). Various characters from the popular Beyond The Law trilogy will make an appearance.


- Time after Time: and other stories is a possibility, but will be dependent on interest from guest authors. My aim is to produce an anthology of short stories using 'Time' as the theme. I will produce six stories, but unless the book is set to achieve twelve tales (my personal target for a collection), then it won't happen. If the minimum quantity is reached, the book will have bonus stories from the authors involved. Do you write short stories? 

If you're an author and you're interested in being involved, details are on my blog. Please click on the book title.


All of my eBook titles have Amazon-preview/buy option buttons. Alternative universal links via BookLinker.

My titles are all available free on Kindle Unlimited, including the box sets.


Away from this, my official author website, I have maintained a writing blog at Tom Benson - Creative.

To support a genre which can be divisive in its subject matter I now have a second blog at Tom Benson - Erotica.  

I continue with my beta reading, and as an admin for the Indie Author Support and Discussion group.

My blogs always have my updated Work in Progress (Projects).


In an experiment, during 2019 I produced erotica titles under the pseudonym Katya Cumming and I'm delighted to report that without any publicity or ad campaigns 'Katya's' books continue to sell regularly. The stories are novel length and were written over 2017 - 2018, but published regularly throughout 2019.


Thank you for visiting my author website.